The American Committees on Foreign Relations

ACFR is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the U.S. national interest through energetic, face-to-face discourse between foreign policy practitioners and committee members. To this end, it organizes and supports a national conference and over one hundred speaking events each year in Committee locations across the country.

ACFR 21st Annual Conference

April 21-22, 2016
Washington D.C.

Negroponte Award
Friday Night Dinner was at the Mayflower Hotel

The ACFR 21st Annual Conference is over for 2016. We had a good attendance and hope to see all of you again next year. Information and more pictures from this year's conference are posted at ACFR 2016 Annual Conference

ACFR Vice President

The American Committees on Foreign Relations is pleased to announce that ACFR Vice President Dr. Richard L. Millett has been named the recipient of this year’s William J. Perry Award for Excellence in Security and Defense Education. The award is bestowed by the National Defense University’s William J. Perry Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies. MORE

ACFR Study Trip to Cuba


In April 2013 the American Committees on Foreign Relations sponsored a study trip to Cuba as part of an educational exchange that allowed participants to interact with local Cubans from all walks of life—architectural restorers, priests, government officials, editors, economists and diplomats. The U.S. government still restricts travel to Cuba in general, but new rules implemented by the Obama Administration allow Cuban Americans to travel freely and allow all Americans to obtain a license to visit Cuba for educational, religious or other purposes involving "people-to-people" activities.MORE

Recent Events:

ACFR 22nd Annual Conference

“Commerce, Investment and Trade: American Prosperity in an Uncertain World”

April 27 & 28, 2017
Washington D.C.

We will be posting information about this conference in a few days. We hope to see you at the 22nd conference.