ACFR is a private, voluntary organization with a very small Washington-based staff.  Our sustenance comes from Committee member dues, grants, and voluntary contributions.  The latter are particularly vital to us.  ACFR is a duly recognized nonprofit organization (501[c][3]), and donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.

You can make a contribution to ACFR in various ways:

BY GIFTS OF STOCK: Anyone interested in making a gift of stock should contact Executive Director Philip French by telephone at 703-343-0904 or ACFR Treasurer Dick Goodson at 515-282-8192.

BY CHECK: Please make your check out to The American Committees on Foreign Relations and mail it to

DACOR Bacon House, Third Floor
1801 F Street, NW
Washington, D.C. 20006

BY CREDIT CARD:  ACFR is now able to accept gifts via VISA, MasterCard, and Discover Card.  Credit-card users can use the form below.

All gifts will be acknowledged by letter, and those of $250 or more will generate an IRS-friendly receipt.  Gifts may be publicly acknowledged.  Donors who do not wish to be publicly acknowledged should apprise us.

Suggested Gift Categories:

  • Contributor - $50
  • Sponsor - $100
  • Diplomat - $250
  • Ambassador - $500
  • Foreign Minister - $1,000*
  • Head of State - $5,000*

Donors of $1,000 or more receive a courtesy registration at the next ACFR Annual National Conference.  If a courtesy registration is accepted, donors are apprised that $425 of the donation is non–tax-deductible as a charitable donation.


Secure Credit Card Donation Form

Our bank accepts Discover, Master Card or Visa

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